Our Track Record

Our Track Record Speaks Volumes

Assignments Handled and/or Placements Made – It Says It All. 


An insight into our recruitment experience (roles / organisations / sectors), as well as a hint at the range/extent of our network, can be gained by viewing the pages in the links below to the following sub-pages:

– Selected Placements / Assignments Handled (2002 to date) – by Chryssaphes Associates since formation

– Selected Placements / Assignments Handled (pre-2002) by Harry Chryssaphes personally through his previous firms that he jointly founded. Only examples that Harry himself personally handled are listed.

– Our “Alumni” – Careers We’ve Influenced – we have selectively singled out some of individuals whose careers Harry has played a key role in developing via placement into a role/organisation that acted as a “launch pad” to later greater things.

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