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Much of what you will wish to know as a potential Client is comprehensively addressed on other pages. We especially refer you to the sections on What We Do , How We Work and Our Track Record .

– We will challenge your requirement at the outset to ensure that the specification is realistic (often we will help you define it in the first place) in terms of the extent and combination of experience sought in relation to the package on offer, and the likely “appeal” to the target candidate quality population at their stage of career.  We have a wealth of specialist experience (gained over 30+ years) and the market knowledge from which to advise you.

– We are prepared to tell you what you may not wish to hear to ensure you are realistic about what you are seeking in terms of the candidate profile and salary equation. We see no advantage in allowing clients to proceed with an assignment that is bound to fail; and it is important to “test” where the candidate profile can be “flexed”; what are the “must have” and what are only “ideal” characteristics in the candidate profile. Others may convince you otherwise through lack of experience and/or simply to show “(false) confidence” in order to be appointed to the search, but will then “hope for the best”. This is not of real help you when such assignment stalls and inevitably drags on.

Clients can be assured of our absolute commitment to successfully conclude any assignment we agree to take on. We will not take on an assignment that we are not confident of completing.

– Our success record is extremely high. It is only on a very rare occasion that we have not managed to reach at least an offer stage. Some factors are outside of our control of course (eg. an assignment is scrapped owing to a merger, restructure, etc) and, occasionally, a candidate has stalled because the Client’s offer was not sufficient (despite our advice) to secure the preferred candidate or a competing offer arose for a role that the candidate was more attracted to. However, even in such situations we have usually managed to find an alternative candidate. We recognise that our continued success depends on repeat business. As a smaller, niche firm, we cannot simply rely on the “known brand” name to bring future work. As a recruiter you tend to be deemed only as good as the last assignment handled and often a new Client might come to you following another recruiter’s failure!

The number of candidates who may be “off limits” to us is kept to a minimum, giving a wider choice to the Client. As a result there is a greater likelihood of achieving a successful appointment within a reasonably short time frame. As a smaller independent firm, we choose to work only with a few organisations at any time (especially within any one industry sector). This is partly because we are specialists in Finance and do not operate across other functional areas. This is advantageous to you as a Client. Larger competitors who also operate across other management functions are much more likely to be conflicted in terms of candidates that they can approach and potentially attract to your opportunity.

Selectivity and Quality. We emphasise that our aim is not to get high numbers of CVs in front of you as quickly as possible. It is about getting the “right”, well-considered, candidate(s) in front of you most expediently; not simply based on their paper credentials, but also in terms of their “culture fit” and their “interest level” in your organisation and requirement. It is all about reaching that successful conclusion swiftly, with a short list that will convert to a hiring. We only short-list candidates that we are confident match the desired criteria, and we work with the Client until the hire is on board and beyond.

Flexibility. Most of our work is generally conducted on a retained assignment basis. This may not suit and be appropriate to all situations and we can be responsive to what the situation requires if appropriate. Working on a retained basis, with our experience, means that we can fully commit and support you in refining the initial requirement before proceeding to implement a comprehensive process, drawing as required on our extensive network and database, as well as external sources as appropriate.

What We Offer Clients:

  • Proven Experience / Competence – 30+ years of experience/knowledge of the relevant candidate population.
  • Personal & Bespoke Approach -direct involvement of highly experienced Principal with their own reputation at stake.
  • Value Adding – expert advice/assistance in preparing detailed Position/Candidate Profiles, Salary guidance, etc.
  • Finance Background – in-depth understanding of the Client’s requirement and candidates’ experience background.
  • High Integrity – will not accept assignments if not confident of successful delivery.
  • Professional / Confidential – we treat with respect all confidential information provided.
  • Dedication / Committed to Success – will proactively work on assignments until successful conclusion.
  • Unrestricted Candidate Choice – limited “off-limits” since, in contrast to large firms, we work with fewer Clients.
  • Efficient / Resourceful – able to “get off the mark” quickly due to extensive specialist network and strong prior knowledge of many candidates; and able to think laterally and “outside the box” for relevant candidates.
  • Specialist Expertise – sound and first-hand understanding of finance positions and a deep knowledge of the Finance candidate population and their career dynamics. Unlike firms that are more dependent on a researcher to bring candidates forward to the consultant, we are more able to discern and recognise to which candidates opportunities will most appeal and make sense (typically, a researcher will not have met any candidates during their career). We can thus provide a more informed view and promotion of the Client opportunity to candidates; and improved probability of a successful hiring.
  • Success “Guaranteed” – have an unprecedented high assignment success rate – virtually 100 per cent.
  • Cost / Benefit – long-term savings through a combination of achieving a high success rate, thus not “wasting” fees on failed searches. Benefit of on-going talent acquisition through continuity and development of long-term working relationship.
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