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New Candidates – Registering with Us:

We are always interested in getting to know well-experienced, ambitious Finance Executives with whom we have not had contact previously. If you wish to bring your career details to our attention, whether or not you “actively” seek a new career challenge, you are welcome to do so.

In the first instance, please email us regarding your objectives and also complete/submit the electronic registration form further below together with a copy of your most recent CV. We will acknowledge and revert back to you as soon as possible. However, in the unlikely instance (we may be away on holiday!) that we have not responded within a reasonable timescale do please feel free to follow up by email and/or telephoning us. 

If we think that you may potentially be suitable for a specific appointment that we are handling at the time (or at some future point – even if you are not “active”) then we will contact you to ascertain your possible interest and in order to meet face to face to discuss the role, your experience and suitability in detail. Subject to availability and diary constraints at different times, we are also happy (but cannot guarantee!) to selectively meet with you for a general informal discussion regarding your career and objectives. 

Please be assured that all information provided to us will be treated in the strictest confidence. We will never reveal or discuss your details with any organisation without first seeking your prior approval. 

Existing Candidates – Updating Us:

We would encourage you to please keep us reasonably up to date with your career developments, even if you are not “actively” interested in a career move at the time. Only then are we best placed to ascertain whether an exceptional role that we are handling may be worth exploring with you. If you are already known to us and you wish to update us on career developments and/or a change in your career search “activity” level, contact details, etc., please email us and/or complete and submit the electronic form below (even if submitted previously in the past), ideally together with a copy of your most recent CV. This will alert and update us accordingly.

If you are already known to us, you may also use this form to give us details of a new appointment taken up (new employer details, package, any change of address, new contact numbers, etc) – there is no need to send another copy of your CV if the one we have is reasonably recent.

    Personal Details

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    Sector / Nature of Business


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    Commencement Date

    Notice Period


    Remuneration Details

    Base Salary

    Bonus (as % of salary)

    Car/Car Allowance Details

    Other material monetary benefits (eg: share options etc)


    Other Personal Information

    Date of Birth

    Marital Status


    If you are a non-EU National and are working in the UK or intend/wish to work in the UK, what is your visa/work-permit status?

    Foreign Languages (only if fluent or good, even if rusty!)

    Current Level of Interest in a potential career move

    For your next move, for the right role, what minimum salary would you consider?

    For Interims - Day rate (range)

    If notvery active now, in how long do you think you might be?

    Assuming the right role and timing, would you consider relocating? If yes, please indicate which locations you would consider:

    LondonSouth EastSouth WestEast AngliaMidlandsNorth WestNorth EastScotlandWalesNorthern Ireland and IrelandEurope (specify below)Elsewhere Overseas (specify below)

    Please make additional comments as required:

    Indicate all that apply.

    Financial DirectorFinancial ControllerFinancial Planning/AnalysisFinancial Reporting & AccountingInternal AuditRisk ManagementStrategy/Corporate DevelopmentCorporate Finance/M&ATreasuryManagement ConsultancyMISInvestment Management/Venture CapitalInvestor RelationsAccountancy/Audit ProfessionTaxationCommercial/General ManagementMBO/MBIInterim AssignmentsPart Time

    Could you be interested in a Non-Executive Directorship?

    Please state any strong preferences for industry sector and/or role

    Reason for submission

    Covering note / additional information (optional)



    Upload your CV



    By ticking this box you agree that Chryssaphes Associates may:

    • Retain your details on file for internal use only, until further notice from you (see also our Privacy Policy)

    • With your prior permission only, reveal your CV to selected clients/third-parties as agreed with you in connection with job search activity, together with such other personal information (eg. salary package, availability/notice period, etc) provided by you and considered by us to be appropriate

    • Contact you from time to time in order to obtain an “update” on your career situation, a more recent CV and any change(s) to your personal details that would be helpful to us in potentially assisting you with career search activity, until further notice from you

    • Contact you from time to time regarding career opportunities that we consider may be of potential interest to you, whether or not you are “actively” seeking a new role at such time, until further notice from you

    • Contact you occasionally regarding career opportunities that we are handling that would not be appropriate for yourself (eg. seniority level, skill base, geography, etc), but to request/seek possible recommendations from your personal network/connections who may fit such role(s) and who may have a possible interest

    • Contact you from time to time in relation to our services or the services of our recruitment partners/associates, or with details of events, or other matters that we consider may be relevant and of interest to you, until further notice from you.



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