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Our Ethos: We do not follow the herd. We aim to bring a “consultative, personal, pragmatic and bespoke” approach to addressing our Client’s recruitment requirements. Overriding all is a desire to build a long term working relationship and dialogue with both Clients and candidates. Many of our Clients were individuals that we originally met as candidates, having over time become their trusted career mentor.

We will challenge Client requirements to ensure that the specification is realistic and have the experience and basis from which to do so. We are prepared to tell Clients (and candidates!) what they may not sometimes wish to hear to ensure that they are realistic in considering their options.

We will not accept an assignment that we are not confident of delivering on and Clients can be assured of our absolute commitment to ensure the successful conclusion of any assignment that we agree to take on. Our success record is very high as we know that our continued success depends on repeat business. We have no room for complacency.

As ambassadors and representatives of our Clients we take great care and pride to ensure that assignments are conducted professionally and that candidates are treated fairly and respectfully. We would never “promote” a client role to a candidate which we did not consider would make genuine career sense for them.

Personal Approach: It is the individual consultant’s experience, knowledge, and resourcefulness that ensures success in delivering a recruitment project. It is not the “brand name” that you engage that does the work. Client assignments are personally conducted by our Principal, drawing on his extensive experience in the field and his enormous network; combined with research support to access other candidates as required. It is also about having the personal credibility based on the consultant’s past experience and track record to gain the respect and attention of prospective candidates; and which allows a genuinely reassuring and compelling presentation of the career merits of the Client opportunity to them.

Absolute Commitment to Deliver: We normally work on an exclusively retained assignment basis. This approach allows us to commit the requisite serious time and support to the Client in fully refining the initial requirement at the outset. We can then proceed to implement a comprehensive process, drawing as required on our extensive network and specialist network/database, as well as allowing us to conduct tailored original research as appropriate. We only short-list candidates that we consider to match the desired criteria well, that we have met and screened and who we consider to be fully motivated by the opportunity. Our work continues until the hire is on board and beyond.

Specialist Experience and Network: Our “difference” and value-add comes from our Principal’s extensive specialist experience and deep knowledge of the Finance Executive population, as well as our extensive specialist network/database built up and carefully maintained over many years; that includes 2,500+ Finance Executives that our Principal has already met. This often allows us to “fast-track” assignments and to identify and bring forward suitable high quality candidates more quickly than many.

With very many of the candidates in our network/database we have been in contact with on numerous occasions over several years, having kept track of their careers and maintained a dialogue on their progress throughout. This gives us an advantageous insight into these individuals that might typically not be the case with most executive search firms that: (a) operate across many different management functional areas; and (b) that only operate at the highest levels – they will not have met such individuals earlier through their careers, but only once they are well “on the general radar”. As a result they will not have as strong and as full knowledge and insight into their (fuller) experience and capability. There is a risk therefore that many eminently good candidates could as a result be overlooked or missed by others. With this more “inside line”, we can normally pinpoint and interest appropriate and culturally “best fit” individuals quickly and efficiently, and avoid wasted time making many “wrong approaches” on the way.

Few Off-Limits Restrictions: As a smaller independent firm, we choose to work with only a few organisations at any time; this is especially the case within any one industry sector. This means that, unlike larger competitors and those who recruit across the range of management functions and not just Finance roles, the number of candidates who may be “off limits” to us is much reduced. This potentially gives a wider choice to our Client. There’s little value in a Client being presented with an initial “long list of candidates” who at the end of the day turn out to be largely “not available” or “not interested”, when the reality is that they are simply off-limits!





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