How We Work

Our Track Record Speaks Volumes

Deep Knowledge and Experience to Seek Out Outstanding Finance Talent

We normally conduct searches on a retained basis against a specific client mandate. This allows us to devote the requisite time and resource to ensure success. Failure to deliver within an acceptable timescale is not an option.

Whilst we will always conduct original research as appropriate and required by a Client brief, we have a very unique in-house resource providing us with a strong starting point of candidates whose suitability (and likely interest) we fairly confidently know, as well as providing us with potential “expert/peer” sources to other potential candidates. This can often provide a strong starting basis, and sometimes a more “ready” solution, avoiding a lengthy search for the Client.

Our key resource, a unique “difference” from competitors, is our extensive in-house specialist network of Finance Executives that has been built up over 30+ years. It has few if any peers. Unlike others, this has not been compiled through faceless “CV sifting technology” or simply via making “connections” on social media. It has been largely built and maintained through our direct and personal first-hand knowledge of individuals that we have met. We have kept in contact with chosen individuals through many different stages of their careers which we have closely tracked.

Our in-house resource comprises not merely ”active” candidates, but known candidates who in the main are “passive” or “non-active” at any time, but with whom we maintain pro-active contact. Our in-house database includes c. 2,500 Finance Executives that our Principal, Harry Chryssaphes, has already previously met.  This overall “starting” database of quality finance individuals with whom we have chosen to pro-actively maintain contact numbers c. 7,000+ and cuts across various seniority, experience and salary levels; and ranges across the spectrum of roles within the Finance function.




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